The Historix-Tours «Bächle» Captain’s License

Discover the highlights of Freiburg’s sights and solve tricky puzzles at the same time.

Discover the highlights of Freiburg’s sights and solve tricky puzzles at the same time. A city tour couldn’t be more exciting! You decide when to start and at what speed you want to play. An ice cream in between? A little stroll in the shoe shop? A trip to the museum? A «Lange Rote» (Bratwurst) on the «Münsterplatz»? No problem! Because with the «Bächle» Captain’s License you are at the helm and steadily steer towards the «treasure» to be lifted at the end. And by the way, you will learn a lot of exciting city history (s).

The ideal city walk for couples, friends, individual travelers, families and everyone who wants to discover Freiburg at their own pace.

The info

For whom: for adults and adolescents from 12 years.
The game is designed for adults, but can also be played by teenagers and families with older children.
Probably not for: If you have already played our «Corona Special Trail», three puzzles “repeat” themselves in a certain way. As a reminder: the «Corona Special Trail» was a printout from our website or a flyer. Do «the little hearts in the window of the Schwabentor» ring a bell? Then you have played it.
When: The game can be played at any time, immediately and without registration – even on Sundays and public holidays. All you have to do is buy the game box. We recommend doing the tour by daylight. In the dark, please strictly observe the nocturnal quiet times from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. The last stop is quite dark, a flashlight / bicycle lamp / cell phone lamp helps.
Price: €38 (including all game equipment and «treasure» at the end).
Group size: We recommend 2-5 people per play box.
Who is there: Only you and your group (please always pay attention to the current Covid restrictions!)
Where: The start is at the «Rathausplatz» (town hall square). Then it continues for about 2.5 km through the city centre – through narrow streets, over «Bächle» and past the main sights, each of which is described with short, exciting texts.
Duration: approx. 2 hours.
Where can you get the play box: At our hotel reception or directly at Historix-Tours (Wallstraße 3 / please note the opening times)
For postage: Send an email to Specify postal address. Price €38 (plus €4 shipping).

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The Schlossberg

Freiburg’s inner city mountain

The old town of Freiburg is located at its bottom, the view is simply marvelous – almost 1000 years ago the people of Zähringen built their first castle on this mountain, which was followed by many fortifications and defenses over the years.

Today the Schlossberg is the favorite place of Freiburg residents: discovering history in the footsteps of the ancestors, jogging to get your pulse racing, climb the observation tower and enjoy the all-round view of the Kaiserstuhl and Vosges mountains, look over the rooftops of Freiburg on the Kanonenplatz, have your (inner) child enjoy one of the playgrounds, let the sun go down with a view over Freiburg, end the day with a drink in the beer garden or a menu in the restaurant – there really is something for everyone.

And so close – in just five minutes’ walk from the old town you are in this piece of nature without actually leaving the city.

Getting there:

Leave house Münsterplatz to the right, leave house Schusterstrasse to the left. Always go straight on into Konviktstraße / to Münzplatz to the Schlossberggarage and there climb the stairs and the bridge to the Schlossberg.

For those who are less comfortable on foot: the Schlossberg can also be reached without barriers; The Schlossbergbahn overcomes the steepest vertical meters for you from the Stadtgarten in a few minutes.

Discover a wide range of animals

With an area of 38 hectares, Freiburg Mundenhof is the largest animal inclosure in Baden-Württemberg. From 1968, on the initiative of the then mayor, a local recreation area was set up for the Freiburg residents and their children on the site of the former city estate with its historic buildings. Today, mainly domestic animal breeds from all over the world and some wild animals are kept in large outdoor enclosures. The extensive area invites you to stroll; unlike in a classic zoo, the animals have a lot of space and sometimes need to be discovered by the visitor.
The network of trails is well signposted, and numerous gastronomic offers and natural playgrounds for all ages make the excursion a great experience for the entire family!
Numerous events depending on the season attract visitors from near and far.
The visit to the Mundenhof is free of charge, only the parking lot costs a daily fee of 10 € (as of February 2021).

Getting there:
With the tram line 1 to Paduaallee, then with bus 19 you can reach the Mundenhof in about an hour.
You can reach the zoo in about 20 minutes by car.

Our recommendation:
Enjoy a relaxed bike ride out of the city to the Mundenhof!
Follow the Dreisam cycle path downstream to the Lehener Brücke and then follow the signs to the Mundenhof. Duration approx. 30 minutes.

For opening hours and further information please use the vivarium’s >website

Haus 15
79111 Freiburg

Germany’s highest waterfalls

The Triberg waterfalls are an impressive natural spectacle at any time of the year, with a height of 136m and seven steps.
Visitors can find out about plants, animals and history on various display boards via three different routes, the culture route, the cascade route and the nature route.
For night owls, the waterfalls are even illuminated from 10 p.m.
A visit to the Triberg waterfalls is also an extraordinary experience for children, but the paths are not suitable for excursions with the stroller.

Getting there:

Take the regional train from Freiburg main station in the direction of Offenburg. Then change in Offenburg to the Regional Express in the direction of Konstanz, get off in Triberg. Driving time 1h 40 min.
By car from Freiburg on the B31 towards Donaueschingen. Take the exit towards Buchenbach / St. Märgen and immediately turn right onto Höllentalstraße and follow this 4 km to the junction right onto Spirzenstraße. Stay on this and after 8 km turn left onto the B500 signs towards Triberg / Furtwangen. Follow the B500 to Triberg. Driving time approx. 1 hour

78098 Triberg im Schwarzwald

Spectacular views and unique vegetation

Length: 21 km, 608 meters in altitude, duration about 6.5 hours
Difficulty level: medium – sturdy shoes required and not suitable for prams
There are several places to stop for refreshments (e.g. on the way to the wine tasting in the state winery, to strengthen yourself with a sausage at the kiosk at the Katharinenkapelle or at the destination in Ihringen)

On this hike across the mountain ranges of the Kaiserstuhl, discover the peculiarities of the fauna and flora of the region and enjoy views as far as the Vosges and the Alps while climbing several observation towers!

Especially in May and June when the orchids are in bloom or in golden September when the grapes are harvested, the Kaiserstuhl shows itself in its very special splendor.
On the way you will pass several spectacular vantage points with all-round views, be it the tower of the Katharinenkapelle, the Neunlindenturm made of natural stone or the modern Eichelspitzturm.
The path goes through several nature reserves with geographical features such as the Hohlgassen from Loess, in which the famous shimmering bee-eaters also live.

We recommend doing this hike in spring, early summer and autumn, because of the high temperatures in the Kaiserstuhl.

Getting there:

With the Breisgau-S-Bahn you can reach Endingen from Freiburg in 40 minutes.
Since the hike is a long-distance tour and not a circular tour, we only recommend arriving by car to a limited extent. The train station in Ihringen can be reached by car in approx. 30 minutes from Freibug, from there you can take the S-Bahn to Endingen (journey time approx. 30 minutes) so when you reach your destination in Ihringen you can get in the car and drive back.

For additional information and the hiking trail to download please use the >website of the Black Forest

Refreshing in summer, romantic in winter

Once built in the 17th century as one of the “forest sanctuaries” and pilgrimage site of the Wiehre community, the St. Valentin forest restaurant is now one of the most popular excursion destinations for all generations.
The location in the forest is refreshing in summer and romantic in winter, the varied menu offers something for every palate. For Freiburg’s youngest, St. Valentin is famous above all for the numerous pancakes on the menu.

Getting there:

Take tram line 2 to the final stop in Günterstal and from there follow the signs for the Black Forest Association, duration approx. 30 minutes.
If you don’t want to hike: there is a car park around 400 meters below St. Valentin. By car, take the exit at the Landesstraße after leaving Günterstal, approx. 20 minutes from Freiburg city centre. However, we do not recommend arriving by car as the number of parking spaces is limited.

Our tip:

There are numerous wonderful hiking opportunities for all levels of difficulty from Freiburg to St. Valentin – ask our team, we will be happy to help!
St. Valentin is also easy to reach by bike and offers a wonderful excursion destination at the end of the elongated green Günterstal!

For opening hours and the restaurant’s menu please refer to their >website

The Zähringerburg Castle

Of the Zähringer castle, which was first mentioned in a document in the 12th century, only the castle tower from the 13th century remains today. You can get the keys to the castle tower in the forest restaurant and climb it. From above, you have a wonderful view of the surrounding valleys! An absolute highlight for adults and younger explorers!

The “Zähringerburg” forest restaurant was built in 1655 and has been home to a snack bar for hikers since the 18th century – which of course has changed significantly since then (as of February 2021: kiosk with ToGo offers).

Getting there:

Mit dem Auto ab der Freiburger Stadtmitte:

  • Direction Zähringen into Habsburger Straße
  • Zähringer Straße follow the tram lines to the last stop for line 2
  • Turn right into Reutebachgasse
  • Before the railway underpass, turn left into Wildtalstrasse and immediately right again into Pochgasse
  • Always uphill through the residential area – then another three kilometers through the forest
    Navigation devices usually cannot find the address of the restaurant – please follow the description above.

Our tip:

Go on an excursion and hike to the Zähringerburg! The hike mentioned below offers you wonderful views of the surrounding valleys and leads mostly through the pleasantly shady forest.
The tour starts at Gundelfingen train station, which can be reached by S-Bahn or regional express in 10 minutes from Freiburg Central Station.

Length: 13 km, 500 meters in altitude, about 5 hours
Difficulty level: medium
Refreshments at the Waldgasthaus

For the hiking trail to download, please refer to the following >link

The website of the restaurant with information on opening hours and directions can be found >here

Enjoy the Black Forest directly on your doorstep!

Right on the doorstep of Freiburg and 1248m high, the Schauinsland is one of the most popular excursion destinations for everyone who loves Freiburg.

Explore the Schauinsland on foot on a hike through the Black Forest and across green meadows. Europe’s longest circulating cable car takes you up – the Schauinslandbahn.

At the summit you climb the observation tower, visit the museum mine or indulge yourself with coffee and cake in the panorama restaurant “Die Bergstation”. Freshly strengthened, you can go downhill on foot.

Getting there:

Take tram number 2 from Bertoldsbrunnen towards Günterstal, get off at the Günterstal Dorfstraße terminus, then take bus 21 to the Schauinsland valley station and take the cable car towards the summit. The way back is on the> signposted hiking trail from the mountain station.

You can reach the Schauinsland in about 30 minutes by car.

Dreisam Valley

The Dreisam – Freiburg’s river, with a length of less than 30 kilometers, actually a rather unspectacular brook in comparison. Its commercial use is limited nowadays – it only feeds the Freiburg Bächle and numerous small hydropower plants, since most of the businesses that traditionally used to use its water are no longer in the city.

Rather, it is nowadays a recreational area and place of relaxation for the Freiburg region:
In summer, with its numerous renatured barrages, it serves as a bathing area, for cooling your feet and after-work drinks, as a paddling pool for children, as a companion for jogging or as a backdrop for a romantic walk.
In spring, thanks to the meltwater from the Black Forest, it swells into a raging torrent, on which you can watch brave canoeists, even close to the city centre.

Getting there:

Stroll south from the old town and follow the course of the river on the footpath (please do not use the express cycle path on foot on the bank facing away from the old town, Freiburg cyclists are not famous for showing consideration for tourists …) – upstream you will reach the Dreisamtal.

With the bike this is a wonderful short tour and the shortest route to get to nature with beautiful views of the Black Forest.

Our tip:
Experience the Dreisamtal and the backdrop of the Black Forest like the people of Freiburg – by bike! The round trip mentioned below takes you on a bike-friendly route out of the city into the countryside in the direction of the famous Höllental – you can also stop at the gate with the beautiful name “Himmelreich”. Relaxed pleasure cycling in the picturesque valley with beautiful views and numerous resting places.

Length: 39km, 370 meters in altitude, duration about 2.5 hours
Difficulty level: easy
Refreshments: on the way in several villages

You can find more information and download the cycling route here

Premium hiking trails in the Black Forest

Length: 10 km, 325 vertical meters, approx. 4 hours

Difficulty level: medium – suitable for all age groups.

There are several places to stop for refreshments: Hinterzarten & Matthislehof

Freiburg is the ideal base for excursions into the Black Forest! And when it gets very warm in our beloved Breisgau metropolis in summer, the temperatures higher up are always a bit fresher!

The “Säbelthomaweg”, a hiking path decorated with multiple awards, begins at the Hinterzarten train station. Following in the footsteps of the Säbelthoma, you can enjoy wonderful views over the “Windeck” ski slope after climbing a shady forest path. We continue to the house farm, where a “natural refrigerator” with a wide selection of refreshing drinks and benches with a wonderful view of the Feldberg invite you to rest. The highlight of the tour in warm weather is undoubtedly the idyllic “Matthisleweiher”, where you can refresh yourself by jumping into the cool water. Those who would like to stop off on the way back can deviate a little from the route and follow the signs to the Matthislehof, where a farm shop and wonderful hospitality welcome hikers from Thursday to Sunday.

Getting there:

With the Breisgau S-Bahn you can reach Hinterzarten every 15 minutes in just 30 minutes. Hinterzarten can be reached by car in around 40 minutes – either via the B31 through the famous “Höllental” or as a panoramic excursion, for example via St Peter.

Weitere Informationen sowie die Wanderroute zum Runterladen finden Sie >hier