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Die Dreisam im Herbst

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Dreisam (Valley)

Dreisam (Valley)

The Dreisam Valley

The Dreisam – Freiburg’s river, with a length of less than 30 kilometers, actually a rather unspectacular brook in comparison. Its commercial use is limited nowadays – it only feeds the Freiburg Bächle and numerous small hydropower plants, since most of the businesses that traditionally used to use its water are no longer in the city.

Rather, it is nowadays a recreational area and place of relaxation for the Freiburg region:
In summer, with its numerous renatured barrages, it serves as a bathing area, for cooling your feet and after-work drinks, as a paddling pool for children, as a companion for jogging or as a backdrop for a romantic walk.
In spring, thanks to the meltwater from the Black Forest, it swells into a raging torrent, on which you can watch brave canoeists, even close to the city centre.

Getting there:

Stroll south from the old town and follow the course of the river on the footpath (please do not use the express cycle path on foot on the bank facing away from the old town, Freiburg cyclists are not famous for showing consideration for tourists …) – upstream you will reach the Dreisamtal.

With the bike this is a wonderful short tour and the shortest route to get to nature with beautiful views of the Black Forest.

Our tip:
Experience the Dreisamtal and the backdrop of the Black Forest like the people of Freiburg – by bike! The round trip mentioned below takes you on a bike-friendly route out of the city into the countryside in the direction of the famous Höllental – you can also stop at the gate with the beautiful name «Himmelreich». Relaxed pleasure cycling in the picturesque valley with beautiful views and numerous resting places.

Length:39km, 370 meters in altitude, duration about 2.5 hours
Difficulty level: easy
Refreshments: on the way in several villages

You can find more information and download the cycling route >here

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– An initiative by Freiburg restaurants and the tourism board FWTM –

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  • The dishes of the Freiburg menu are consistently prepared from at least 70% ingredients from the region
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  • In terms of content, every restaurateur is free in his creative design and offers dishes that suit his own house and kitchen
  • All dishes that are part of the menu are marked with the Freiburg logo on the menu
  • The Freiburg menu is offered all year and changes at least 4 times a year to emphasize the regionality and seasonality
  • To enhance transparency, we are happy to inform you about the exact origin of the products
  • Regional drinks such as water, juices, beer, wine and spirits are offered to match the menu

We are very pleased to be part of this initiative and to be able to put the culinary wealth of our region in the foreground – we wish you bon appetite!