Our guest magazine is back!

Jana Faro

«The Oberkirch Magazine» has existed for many years. It awaits our guests to read in their rooms, those who subscribe to it will also receive it by email or by post at home. We want to continue this tradition – and have chosen to issue an annual edition for 2022 instead of the smaller variants that have appeared before several times a year.

Our goal is to entertain and inform you: about the past, current and future in Oberkirch, in Freiburg and in the beautiful region. We also want to give you a preview of upcoming events and a look behind the scenes at what’s going on in our house.

It is also important to us to build a bridge between tradition and modernity with our magazine: We will also be providing a printed version of this magazine again – but for those who prefer it digitally there is a version to read online – or download it down right away:

Jana Faro

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