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Mammutbaumwald im Liliental bei Ihringen

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Liliental near Ihringen

Giant redwoods and orchids

The state forestry and research institute has been located in the beautiful Liliental near Ihringen since 1958 and carries out forest science research on its approximately 80 hectares of test areas, plantations for seed production and an arboretum. The sequoia forest and the numerous species of lilies and orchids are particularly worth seeing.

Our walking tip from Ihringen:
Length: 14 km, 450 meters in altitude, duration approx. 4 hours
Difficulty level: medium – sturdy shoes required and not suitable for prams
Refreshments available several times

At the Ihringen train station, start straight ahead into Winzerstraße, past the Ihringer Winzergenossenschaft on your left.

You can reach the main road within a few minutes and cross over the zebra crossing. On the lefthand side of the street you pass a large parking lot and the Ihringer Neulindenschule.

After a few more meters behind the Gerhard Karle winery, turn right into the «Zum Schmerberg» street and follow it uphill to the top of the ridge of the Schmerberg.

Here it is time to linger for a moment and let your gaze wander.

The all-round view offers a great variety. In the east one has a view of Freiburg and the Black Forest and in the west the Vosges in France rise behind the Breisach Minster.

Now continue following the path and at the end of the path keep left at the crossroads. Just a few steps away you come to a bank, where you turn right back up into the vineyard.

After a few meters uphill you will see the next bank on a hill, climb the small stairs and let the wonderful view over Ihringen up to the Vosges beckon you again.

The route continues between vines and Hohlgassen, past the Martinshöfen (a small «Strauße» with a small playground, romantic inner courtyard and its own turkey farm), which you reach for a small stop with just a few steps downhill to the left, away from the actual path into the Liliental.

With or without a break, we continue uphill over the vineyard, along a small piece of forest that provides some shade in summer.

At the end of this forest, you will reach the Liliental, where you can follow the signposted paths and begin your exploration of the test site that was bought by the State Forestry Administration in 1957. Here you will encounter extraordinary tree and plant species that you cannot discover every day in our latitudes. Above all, the huge sequoias and the multitude of orchids give the Liliental a very special charm.

You will be spoiled with culinary delights in the Liliental from the restaurant «Zur Lilie» with its wonderful sun terrace (open from Tuesday to Sunday). Of course, the little ones don’t miss out either. To the left of the restaurant is a lovingly designed children’s playground. Of course, the little ones don’t miss out either. To the left of the restaurant is a lovingly designed children’s playground.

If you’re still want to keep going, you can climb the Lenzenberg after exploring the Liliental and strengthen yourself at the Lenzenberg restaurant with a magnificent view over the Black Forest to the Vosges.

Getting there:

With the DB-Regio S1 from Freiburg to Ihringen. Travel time is approx. 20 minutes.

By car via the B31 towards Breisach. Between Wasenweiler and Ihringen on the L114, follow the exit to the right in the direction of Liliental, which is very well signposted. You will find sufficient parking spaces for visitors right in the Liliental.

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Liliental near Ihringen

For additional information on the hiking trail crossing the valley and leading up to the Lenzenberg, please use the following > > link

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