Experience our hotel with its personal feel combined with all comfort provided by modern technology.

Photo: R. Breitkreuz

Lovely hotel, fairytale location. Our special evening to celebrate our son’s birthday was made all the more special by the attentive service despite the restaurant being very busy…

Not least our individual service is shown by the way we provide you with drinks: room-service is provided 24/7. During opening hours you can order whatever drink listed in our restaurant’s menu, during other times our reception team provides you with a selection of wine, beer, alcohol-free and warm beverages. In return we renounce anonym minibars in our rooms, however, on request and with advance reservation we will provide you with a fridge in your room.

As long as temperatures outside are warm we provide you with ice whenever you like it. Also there is a fan (ventilator) in the rooms provided in order to get more circulation of air. Due to the fact that our rooms are rather cool even in summer because of our historic buildings and in defense to your health we renounce the usage of air condition.

Anything we can help you with?

Our reception is open and our staff will be available to assist you 24 hours a day.