The Oberkirch Magazine – Edition «Summer 2021»:


When we came out of the «Lockdown» at the time a little over a year ago, nobody had imagined that just a few months later another and significantly longer phase of closure of almost seven months would prove necessary.

Our New Digital Guest Information

During the nearly seven months of closure we have prepared a new digital guest information for you in order to provide you with even more information about our lovely city and our hotel.

…so that we all can feel safe and relaxed

We are back - and so that we all can feel safe and relaxed there are some regulations to follow.

My Reopening-Story

Our Executive Housekeeper Mia Grieser tells her personal lockdown- and reopening-story

Our Trainee Speaks

How was training during seven months of closure? How did it feel to be allowed to start again?

Seasonal Offers In The «Oberkirch»

With the «Oberkirch» you can experience our region in very different ways - Freiburg is always worth a visit!

Baked potato and carrot sticks with onion salsa, melted tomato and avocado wedges

This time Lena and Joseph of our kitchen teem present you a vegan highlight of our current menu.

Events In Our Region

Freiburg has awakened from its Corona-induced «deep sleep». Here you can see what awaits you in Freiburg in the near future.

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