our weekly menu

Our menu recommendation for this week:


aperitif recommendation

Homemade melon punch
with sparkling wine
0,15 l   €6,70

Pampelle Spritz
with sparkling wine
0,15 l   €7,50

Pampelle Tonic   -light-
0,15 l   €7,50

Aperol (1/2) Spritz
with sparkling wine
0,15 l   €6,70
with sparkling wine
0,15 l   €6,70

alcohol free

Freistern alcohol free 
Grape juice Secco rosé
Oberkircher Winzergenossenschaft
0,1 l    €4,20 

Homemade melon punch
0,15 l    €6,20

Hugo alcohol free
0,15 l    €5,50


wine recommendation

2018 Grunerner Altenberg
  Sauvignon Blanc EcoVin – Kabinett , dry
 Weingut Köpfer, Staufen-Grunern, Markgräflerland

bottle 0,75 l   €29
0,1 l     €4,50
0,2 l     €9,00

2016 Rote Halde
Spätburgunder Rotwein, Spätlese, trocken
 Winzergenossenschaft Sasbach, Kaiserstuhl, Tuniberg

bottle 0,75l €34
0,1 l €5,20
0,2 l €10,40

digestif recommendation

Apfelbrand (apple brandy) – 40 Vol %
Golden Delicious
Brennerei Wezl, Südtirol

2cl   €4,20

menu recommendation


Dear Guests, 
from the following starters, main courses and desserts
you can put together a 3-course menu.
Gladly every dish is to be ordered à la carte.


Hot smoked pork cheek
on green lentil salad

Creamy sweet yellow pepper soup
with fried scallop

Main courses

Curry coconut pumpkin ragout
with pak choi on basmati rice

Sous vide cooked catfish fillet
with Yuzu flavored sauce hollandaise
on sweet potato puree and purple cauliflower

Fried crispy duck breast on orange jus
served with seasonal vegetables from the market
and potato gratin

Dessert or cheese

White Valrhona chocolate parfait
with a tipsy pear

Cheese (60g) from our daily offer