our seasonal menu

From Monday to Saturday
between midday and 2 p.m.
and between 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. we offer you dishes from

Our Asparagus Season Menu 2019
    • Entrées and soups featuring asparagus

    • Asparagus cream soup

      6,50 €
    • Salad from green and white asparagus with avocado, cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette

      12,50 €
    • Asparagus fried in sesame oil with marinated salmon on a salad of wild herbs and sour cream sauce

      14,50 €
    • Small and delicious

    • Creamy risotto with pan fried green and white asparagus

      18,90 €
    • Asparagus rolled in a pancake with boiled ham, oven-browned with sauce hollandaise

      18,90 €
    • Poached salmon and asparagus, gratinated with an orange-pepper hollandaise served with potatoes

      18,90 €
    • Slices of beef fillet in a light sauce of sour cream, with asparagus, fresh mushrooms and basmati rice

      23,50 €
    • Asparagus delicacies

    • A portion of fresh asparagus

      23,50 €

      with new potatoes or Kratzete (pieces of pancake),
      optionally served with clarified butter or sauce hollandaise

    • A small portion of fresh asparagus

      19,20 €

      with new potatoes or Kratzete (pieces of pancake),
      optionally served with clarified butter or sauce hollandaise

    • ...add trimmings of your own choice

    • Boiled ham

      5,90 €
    • Black forest ham

      5,90 €
    • Original parma ham

      6,20 €
    • Breaded escalope of veal

      8,20 €
    • Fried salmon fillet

      9,80 €
    • Beef fillet

      14,80 €


    • Entrées through asparagus season

    • Seasonal mixed salad with green salad, in yoghurt dressing, endive salad und tomatoes

      5,50 €
    • Fillet of trout smoked with juniper berries, served with horseradish cream, toast and butter

      8,90 €
    • Carpaccio of beetroot in horseradish vinaigrette with lukewarm goat cheese, spring onions and pine nuts

      8,90 €
    • In house marinated salmon with a dill and mustard sauce, toast and butter

      11,50 €
    • Soups through asparagus season

    • Wild garlic cream soup with poached salmon

      7,80 €
    • Consommé with "Flädle“ (sliced pancake)

      5,20 €
    • Salads through asparagus season

    • Big bowl with salad in yoghurt dressing, hard-boiled egg and ham

      12,50 €

      - vegetarian option: served with cheese instead of ham -

    • Warm goat cheese with tomato and olive sauce served with green salad in balsamic dressing

      13,50 €
    • Roasted French corn-fed chicken breast garnished with mixed salad in Parmesan dressing and fresh fruits

      17,50 €
    • Fish dishes through asparagus season

    • Noodles in wild garlic pesto with grilled king prawns, cherry tomatoes and parmesan

      23,50 €
    • Home-made style “Matjes” herring fillets served with steamed potatoes

      18,50 €
    • Poached fresh trout "au bleu“ from the Black Forest, served with parsley potatoes and a green salad

      24,50 €
    • Fried fresh trout from the Black Forest, served with parsley potatoes and leaf salad

      24,50 €
    • Fried filet of gilthead with cherry tomatoes, zucchini and olives, basmati rice and a green salad

      25,50 €
    • Meat dishes through asparagus season

    • Argentinian rumpsteak in Café de Paris sauce served with vegetables from the market and potato croquettes

      27,50 €
    • Braised beef roulades in burgundy sauce with beans wrapped in bacon and parsley potatoes

      18,90 €
    • Beef boiled in a root vegetables broth served with horseradish sauce lingonberry chutney, steamed potatoes and beetroot salad

      19,50 €
    • Escalope of veal in a cream sauce with fresh mushrooms, served with homemade “Spätzle” and a mixed salad

      24,50 €

Below you can download our current Seasonal Menu as a pdf-file:


Our aspargus season menu 2019
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You want to know about our desserts, coffees and digestifs on offer? Just download our dessert menu here:


Our dessert menu
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