our seasonal menu

From Monday to Saturday
between midday and 2 p.m.
and between 6.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. we offer you dishes from

Our Game Menu
    • Entrées through game season

    • Mâche in sherry walnut dressing served on potatoes and beetroot with croutons

      8,50 €
    • In house marinated salmon with a dill and mustard sauce, toast and butter

      11,50 €
    • Salad of chicory and walnuts in orange dressing and boar ham

      12,80 €
    • Terrine of Foie gras with white wine jelly and home made brioche

      14,80 €
    • Soups through game season

    • Consommé with "Flädle“ (sliced pancake)

      5,20 €
    • Pumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds

      7,80 €
    • Chestnut soup with glazed apple pieces and walnuts

      7,80 €
    • Small main course

    • Lentils with sausages and homemade “Spätzle“ (Swabian noodles)

      17,50 €
    • Creamy gnocchi flavoured with pumpkin, ginger and chili and roasted pumpkin seeds

      18,50 €
    • Braised salsify, mash of potato and pumpkin and mâche

      19,20 €
    • Braised beef roulade in burgundy sauce served with red cabbage "Oberkirch style" and mashed potatoes

      18,50 €
    • Sliced fillet of beef in a sour cream sauce with vegetables from the market and basmati rice

      22,50 €
    • Fish dishes

    • Poached fresh trout "au bleu“ from the Black Forest, served with parsley potatoes and a green salad

      24,50 €
    • Fried fresh trout from the Black Forest with almond butter, served with parsley potatoes and leaf salad

      24,50 €
    • Fried pike-perch on creamy sauerkraut and Beluga lentils with Crema di Balsamico

      24,50 €
    • Meat dishes

    • French corn chicken breast on thyme jus with broccoli and creamy truffle polenta

      23,50 €
    • Boiled beef in broth of root vegetables cooked with horseradish sauce, cranberries, served with steamed potatoes and a mixed salad

      19,50 €
    • Argentinean rump steak with café de paris sauce, green beans with bacon and gratinated potatoes

      27,50 €
    • Escalope of veal with fresh mushrooms, homemade “Spätzle” and a mixed salad

      24,50 €
    • Our game delicacies

    • Roast boar in a burgundy sauce, red cabbage with apple and bread dumpling

      22,50 €
    • Escalope made of the haunch of deer in creamy lingonberry sauce with homemade “Spätzle“ (Swabian noodles) and mâche

      24,50 €
    • Slices of venison in cranberry cream sauce, served with broccoli florets with almonds and a donut of potatoes and walnuts

      25,50 €
    • Ragout of venison with red wine pear and cranberries, served with bread dumpling and a mixed salad

      24,50 €
    • Medallions of venison in port wine jus, Brussels sprouts and and donut of potatoes and walnuts

      26,50 €
    • Saddle of hare in jus of rose hips, creamed savoy cabbage and mashed potatoes with pumpkin

      29,50 €
    • Our recommendation for parties of two or more persons

    • Oberkirch's game plate

      35,50 €

      Plate with medallions of venison, deer and wild hare in port wine sauce and creamy lingonberry sauce with seasonal vegetables, "Spätzle" (Swabian noodles) and dauphine potato

      (per person)

    • Chateaubriand

      38,50 €

      the centre cut of beef tenderloin carved at the table, sauce béarnaise, vegetables from the market and potatoes au gratin

      (Price per person)

      preparation time 45 minutes, order possible until 1:30 pm / 9:00 pm

Below you can download our current Seasonal Menu as a pdf-file:

You want to know about our desserts, coffees and digestifs on offer? Just download our dessert menu here:


Our dessert menu
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