Until further notice we offer
continuously hot meals from Monday to Saturday from 12 noon to 9 p.m. in order to enable as many of our guests as possible to enjoy the well-known delicacies from our kitchen and wine cellar (except for a short break between 5:15 p.m. and 5.45 p.m. for our employees).
Our restaurant is currently closed on Sundays, but we accept advance inquiries for Sunday reservations and will also open on Sundays if there is sufficient demand.

Our Autumn Menu

Soups & Entrées

Beef broth with «Flädle» (sliced pancake)
Pumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds
Mixed salad plate with seasonal raw food and fine lettuce in yogurt dressing, fresh herbs, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
Pork belly, cooked sous vide 24 hours
on fine mountain lentils and peach chutney
Home pickled beetroot salmon with fresh horseradish,
apple jelly and a small salad bouquet

Oberkirch Autumn Bowls

Fried chicken bowl
French corn-fed chicken breast. carrot, cucumber, lettuce, seasonal fruits, almonds, with yoghurt and herb sauce
Maultaschen bowl
Homemade «Maultaschen» (Swabian ravioli), potato salad, white cabbage, beetroot, radishes, spring onions, fresh herbs, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
– also available as a vegetarian dish –

Small Delicacies

Creamy pumpkin risotto with pear foam, glazed pumpkin wedges and roasted pumpkin seeds
Lentils with sausages and homemade «Spätzle» (Swabian noodles)
Braised beef roulade with burgundy sauce homemade red cabbage with apples and mashed potatoes

Vegan Dish

Braised cauliflower on eggplant cream, apple and thyme chutney and purple potatoes

Fish Dishes

Poached fresh trout from the Black Forest, served with potatoes
-every Friday-
Trout «meuniere» from the Black Forest stuffed with lemon and herbs, served with potatoes
Roasted sea bass fillet on pumpkin risotto with parsley pesto

Meat Dishes

Beef fillet, cooked in a brew of root vegetables, with horseradish sauce, lingonberries and swivel potatoes
Breast of French free-range chicken in a sage and parma ham coat with thyme jus on vegetable gratin and potato gnocchi
Venison ragout with cranberry pear and homemade «Spätzle» (Swabian noodles)
Wiener schnitzel from veal with cranberries, served with chips
Onion beef roast (200g) in Burgundy gravy served with homemade «Spätzle» (Swabian noodles)
Beef tenderloin roasted pink with port wine jus served with autumn vegetables and homemade potato fritters

For Our Younger Guests

Drink for children
small glass
Alphabet soup
«Spätzle» (regional pasta) with cream sauce
Fried potato patty with apple sauce
1 sausage with chips
Veal cutlet with cream sauce and «Spätzle» (regional pasta)

Dessert for children

Ice cream clown

Dessert & Cheese

1 scoop of home-made sorbet of the day
Panna cotta from white Valrhona chocolate with a ragout of seasonal fruits
Creme brulee with yuzu sour cream sorbet and fresh fruits
Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on almond crumble
Fine cheeses from «Albert Stähle Cheese Specialties»
– 60g from the daily offer –
with fruity mustard and chutney

Food additives:
1) Colouring 2) Antidegradants 3) Antioxidants 4) Flavour enhancer
5) Sulphurated 6) Blackened 7) Waxed 8) Phosphate 9) Sweetener 11 ) Caffeinated 12) Quinine

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Our Autumn Menu 2020
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