Guided City Tours in Freiburg

There are many guided city tours in Freiburg on offer. Some of them are as you might already have experienced city tours in other cities – Freiburg Kultour offers them, for example. For a long period of time, Freiburg Kultour used to be the only official partner of the city of Freiburg. But during the 1990s already, other city tours came to light – offering a different angle on the subject of city tours. Since 2012 many of them are “official partners” of the city, too. 

Since 1993 there is VistaTour, who offer “Freiburg on closer examination”. Art historians, archaeologists and pedagogues are committed to present you “forgotten anecdotes” and “unusual perspectives” about our city – also in English. However, as of 2017 they do not offer any open tours in English where you just can jump in without reservation. For VistaTour you will have to explicitly book a tour, should you want a tour in English.

FreiburgErleben (Discover Freiburg) is a provider of city tours, first and foremost famous for there murder mystery tours as well as their culinary tours. As VistaTour they also do not offer any open tours in English as of 2017.

Our partner Historix-Tours have open tours in English on offer during every summer season. Twice per month you just can join a tour (on Fridays) without any prior reservation. Of course, you also can book a tour there in English as from all other providers mentioned here. Historix-Tours is regarded as the inventor of regular guided city tours with actors and they are well-known beyond Freiburg. So join a historic character on his very personal way through our city and learn more about our city than with many other guided tours – presented in a very entertaining way.

As we can recommend Historix-Tours without any hesitation, your participation in one of their open tours in English or German is included in our Premium Offer (XXL).

There are many more providers of guided city tours – each provider offers his very own approach. A complete list of all providers you can find on the website of the city of Freiburg.