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A Boss With A (Huge) Heart

Aside from the event industry, hardly any other branch of industry suffers from the pandemic-related restrictions as much as the gastronomy and the hotel business.

This poses an extreme economic challenge for every gastronomic company. Therefore many companies, some from our region included, initially made all employees who were still in the trial period (and for that reason could be easily dismissed) redundant. Hence, many of our colleagues from other hotels and restaurants are unemployed today, as obviously hardly any company can hire new staff under the current circumstances

We, the OberkirchTeam, can (once again) consider ourselves lucky to have Doris Hunn, a boss who has never looked for the easy way out, has never thought selfishly, but has always had the well-being of everyone working for the company in mind.

Of course, we were and still are forced to make use of the furlough regulations. But nobody was made redundant at the Oberkirch and no pressure was put on anyone to leave – on the contrary. During the lockdown, Ms. Hunn tirelessly encouraged her employees, told us that she needs us and that we will remain fighting side by side in order to overcome this crisis.

That is why if you visit us now, you will meet familiar faces and a team that is happy to have a boss with a (huge) heart and therefore is proud to be part of the OberkirchTeam.