This week we’re offering you:

Thursday, 29/06/2021

Asparagus in herbal crepe
baked with cooked ham and wild garlic hollandaise
also available as a vegetarian dish without ham– 2,3,5,8

Wednesday, 30/06/2021

Mixed lettuce in herbal dressing
with fried Asian beef strips

Thursday, 01/07/2021

Sour chitterlings
with fried potatoes

Friday, 02/07/2021

Fried pollack fillet
with dill mustard sauce,
served with mashed potatoes and peas 1

Saturday, 03/07/2021

Sorry, on Saturdays we do not offer a «dish of the day»

Price for the «dishes of the day»:
€9.8 per portion for take away
€13.5 per portion in our restaurant

Food additives:

1) Colouring 2) Antidegradants 3) Antioxidants 4) Flavour enhancer 5) Sulphurated 6) Blackened 7) Waxed 8) Phosphate 9) Sweetener 11) contains caffeine 12) 11) contains chinine