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Our Trainee Antonia Daniels Speaks

Seven months of compulsory break were not only a challenge for the permanent employees in the hotel – our boss and the employees responsible for training also came up with a lot of ideas to look after the trainees during this time. We ask one of our trainees how it was – and how it felt to be able to start again.

Hey Antonia, how did you experience the almost seven months of closure?

While it was quite a long time in general, time passed somehow, because we had tasks to do in the hotel (be it cleaning, reception service or just doing written tasks on site) unlike during the first lockdown. In between we had school from the so-called «B» and «C» block and exams from the B block, so we were occupied during the seven months – sometimes less, sometimes more.

What did you miss the most during that time?
Everyday life and our guests. Only when you don’t work for a longer period of time you really begin to realise how much of your everyday life is filled by your job. Obviously, it’s nice to have some free time, but living a longer period of time without having appointments or time-sensitive tasks isn’t so much fun any more as days start to just pass without using them productively (at least that’s what happened to me)

What’s your opinion on how our trainees were taken care of in the Oberkirch during the «lockdown»?

I definitely thought it was really cool that we had something to do at all. In conversation with schoolmates I learned that while there were few who actually continued to work normally, many hadn’t done anything for the last six months. While we also spent only 3 days a week at work, additionally we were given tasks for homework. In any case we actively took care that the trainees didn’t just hang around at home and got bored. Internships were even organised for us, which I don’t think can be taken for granted. In general, I don’t imagine it to be that easy when you have to keep a group of trainees busy for several months and always have to make sure that you find tasks. From that point of view, I think that the Oberkirch has successfully managed to use the lockdown time sensibly for itself and for the trainees!

How did you feel on reopening-day?

While I was present that day I did not really realise the reopening as I was cleaning the rooms. After this, our boss granted me a surprise vacation for a week.

How did you feel to meet guests for the first time after so many months?

As I was in the housekeeping department, I did not meet really a lot of guests. The only contact I had, was after finishing my first working day. I just finished changing my clothes when a guest had difficulties with her door as she did not manage to lock the door from the outside. So I helped her, and she was very happy about it. This made me realise, how much I had missed our guests – it felt great to be able to provide our services one again.

Regarding the months ahead, what are you looking forward to the most?
I am looking forward the most to the routine when it starts again that everything is running reasonably normally. To the fact, that there are more than 5 people in the hotel (both guests and employees). To be able to provide great service again.

What would you recommend to someone on vacation in Freiburg? What should he or she see and experience by any means?

Must See: The inner city of Freiburg, especially all the small alleys (e.g. the «Konviktstrasse»). The cathedral inside and the cathedral’s place. The «Seepark» and the Schlossberg.
Must Experience: the wine festival