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Our New Digital Guest Information

During the nearly seven months of closure we have prepared a new digital guest information for you in order to provide you with even more information about our lovely city and our hotel.

Using a digital version first and foremost allows us to offer you more up-to-date information than any paper-based information could do. Of course, it also allows us to offer you even more information than before.

For example, take a look at «transportation», where you can order a taxi, look for your connections using public transport or even ask for your private rickshaw.

Or take a look at the television programme in «entertainment», which not only is up-to-date but even «up-to-minute», so changing programmes won’t come as a surprise anymore.

We put the emphasis of our digital information on tips around our wonderful region. All our staff are «in love with Freiburg» and gave us their personal tips on how to enjoy your stay here the most. Read our «leisure tips» and you will certainly find some new ideas about what to see and experience while you are here.

Or upgrade your stay demanding some «extras». You want a late check-out? A lunch package? Rent a bike? Take some of our delicacies with you? There are many possibilities on offer in order to make your stay even more memorable – and/or take some «Oberkirch-feeling» with you.

Of course, our «daily magazine»published digitally since the last reopening already, is part of our digital guest information, too.

Browse the web version of our digital guest information. Expected end of july we will also provide a tablet in each of our rooms that will feature this information with extended functionality – and which of course will invite you to browse the internet. Last but not least it will be your room telephone.

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For Our Collective Health

Overview of new hygiene measures in our hotel and restaurant
according to the Corona Regulation of the State of Baden-Württemberg from the 1st of July, 2020

In addition to the long-standing hygiene regulations for hotels and gastronomy, we have taken the following measures to make your stay as safe as possible. Since our house does not allow the spatial separation of the restaurant and hotel areas, the measures apply across the board:

–> We have provided hand sanitiser for you: at the entrances, in front of the elevator in the Münsterplatz building and in the toilets.

–> Our tables are placed so that our guests can keep the minimum distance of 1.50 m from each other.

–> If you want to eat in our restaurant or on our terrace, please wait, our service staff will bring you to your table.

–> In the public areas (entrance, corridors and on the way to the toilets)
our employees and guests must wear a face protection mask.

–> Unfortunately, we are currently not allowed to accept your wardrobe as usual, but rather ask you to simply hang your jackets over your chair.

–> We have set up a sneeze and spit protection shield at our bar in the restaurant and at our reception for your and our protection.

–> All important contact surfaces (e.g. elevator buttons, banisters, doorknobs, counters, table surfaces) are now cleaned and disinfected even more regularly.

-> We have shortened the cleaning intervals in the sanitary rooms, and they are now documented even more clearly than before.

-> We have digitized our menus and the information folders in the rooms for you. You can view the page with your smartphone. A QR code is available for scanning on every table and in every room. Of course the associated link for manual entry in the browser is also available.
If you prefer a “real” menu, you will of course be able to get one upon request – we have laminated it so that we can disinfect it better. There is only an excerpt from our extensive wine list; you can of course receive the entire menu on request.

-> Due to the currently applicable registration obligation on the part of the state, we currently have to document all guests when they were our guests in the restaurant. We are obliged to include everyone’s name and a contact option (telephone number OR address) and to keep this data for 4 weeks.

-> Prohibition of accommodation: We are prohibited from accommodating guests who travel from a district, city district or independent city within the Federal Republic of Germany in which the threshold value of 50 newly registered SARS-CoV-2 Cases (coronavirus) per 100,000 population has been exceeded in the previous seven days (7-day incidence), based on the daily publications of the Robert Koch Institute. These are called up daily by us every morning and our guests have to indicate at check-in where they came from.

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New: Daily Magazine Digital Edition

For many years, we presented our printed «Daily Magazine» on your breakfast table. As the hygiene guidelines for hotels suggest not to use any printed documents for our guests, we have made our «Daily Magazine» available digitally, so you can read it on your smartphone.

The feedback we received has since been so positive that we will keep using the online version as of now. You can even take a look at it from the comfort of your home at any time you like, since it is accessible via our website.

You can find the current issue here:

Oberkirch’s Daily Magazine

Tuesday, January 25th 2022

We hope, you’re having an exceptional day in Freiburg. In order to make your day even more memorable, we’ve prepared some tips and information for you.

Your OberkirchTeam

Weather forecast

Our chef recommends

For more than 250 years Freiburgers and guests from near and far have felt equally welcome in the Oberkirch, with its rich sense of tradition. See here the recommendations of our chef and kitchen crew

Guided city tours

Several operators are offering guided city tours in English by prior arrangement – sometimes even an «open tour» takes place – see more here

Music today

Find here our handpicked recommendations everything regarding music in and around Freiburg. The descriptions of most events, however, are in German (except if the announcement originally was made in English).

Cinema in English today

Freiburg is known for its rich offering of repertory cinema – see here which films will be presented in English today

Tourist Information

The Tourist-Information Freiburg is open:
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm
Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 12 noon.

Public transport information

You like to visit the Black Forest, Colmar, or Basel? Find here your timetables


You want to store your luggage? Yo need information about services we provide? Find your information here

Theatre in English

Find here stage performances in English (if available). For theatre performances in German please refer to our German page.

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New: Fairfood Organic Nuts

We have frequently been asked by our guest for nibbles, for example as a treat during your evening television session in the Oberkirch. We have have used the extra time afforded to us by the corona crisis in order to come up with products that would fit our house and ethos, because as a boutique hotel, we don’t want to offer you off the shelf products.

During this research, we became aware of the local manufacturer «Fairfood» and their products were received by us with great enthusiasm.

For a start, we have decided to offer the classic salted peanuts (as soon as they are available in glasses), «fire dancer» (roasted cashew nuts with chili and paprica) and the «Freiburg nut mix».

Neu im Oberkirch zentral in Freiburgs Innenstadt am Muensterplatz - Nuesse von fairfood

We would like to use this space to introduce you to our new partner ‘Fairfood’:

Fairfood is…fair

It is all in the name: to Fairfood it is of the utmost importance to deal exclusively with products traded according to the international ‘FairTrade’ standard. In order to achieve maximum added value in the country of origin, the nuts and fruits are harvested and chopped on site.

Fairfood is…direct

All products are sourced directly from cooperatives around the world – thanks to regular visits, they know the people behind their products.

Fairfood is…transparent

Fairfood reveals its value chain: by specifying the country of origin
and documenting their visits to their cooperatives.

Fairfood is…organic

All ingredients are grown according to the rules of organic farming – all products and ingredients are certified as 100% organic.

Fairfood is…hand-made

In the Freiburg factory, our partners roast their nuts gently by hand, according to recipes they have developed themselves. In contrast to many roasted nuts on the market, the fairfood roasting process also does not require additional oil. That is why you will only find nuts and spices on the respective lists of ingredients – and therefore only eat the healthy, natural fats of the nut.

Fairfood is…environmentally friendly

Of course, green electricity is used in the operation of Fairfood. Shipping is climate-neutral, recycled shipping material is used and the server of the website is hosted climate-neutrally.

Fairfood is…inclusive

As part of their employment at Caritas Freiburg, people with disabilities are responsible for individual production steps at Fairfood.

Fairfood is…Freiburg

Fairfood is much more – for example, it is democratically organised. The business fits perfectly with the city of Freiburg and its values – the Oberkirch team is proud to be the first and only hotel in Freiburg to offer Fairfood products.

At our hotel reception you will be able to purchase a steadily growing selection of Fairfood products in the future – for immediate enjoyment or as a souvenir from Freiburg. Nibble away!