Advice about arriving and parking

If you are arriving by car, we can reserve you a parking spot in our garage, if the vehicle you are driving is a standard limousine. SUVs, Vans and other high vehicles don’t fit into our small garage. Also, as we only have a limited number of spots available, an advance reservation is required.

In our own garage we charge €19.5 per spot and night

Please note that due to the daily market (except for sundays) arriving by car is difficult. Should you use a GPS navigation system, please enter the street “Auf der Zinnen” as destination and then follow our directions. As we are located in the pedestrian zone, most GPS are not able to navigate to our location correctly.   

(You can download the driving directions in PDF format at the end of this page)

If our garage is fully booked or if you are arriving with an SUV, we recommend the closest two public parking garages with special rates for hotel guest: Karlsbaugarage (P13) and Schlossberggarage (P 15).

In any case you are more than welcome to drive up to our hotel to unload your luggage.


Coming from the motorway:

to the hotel building (Schusterstraße, where our garage is located) from „Schwabentor“
· motorway exit “Freiburg Mitte“ – direction “Stadtmitte“ · follow the signs for the “Altstadt” (old town). At the third junction these will tell you to turn left across the “Schwabentor” Bridge and onto the “Schlossbergring” town ring road.

Now you’re entering the pedestrian zone, allowed for hotel guests: 

· Get into the left lane going straight ahead and drive around the town centre (approx. 0,8 km) until you see a pedestrian bridge, which runs diagonally across junction. Turn left here, and left again after 150 m into the Conrad-Gröber-Straße (initially difcult to spot).

From here drive into the pedestrian zone (permissible as our guest) through the passage adjacent to the department store”KARSTADT” and then straight across Münster square (cathedral‘s place) towards the department store “GALERIA KAUFHOF”.

Turn left before “GALERIA KAUFHOF” and after 80 m you will find yourself in front of our guesthouse at Schusterstraße 11.
This is where our garage for guests is located.

(Parking space by reservation only)

to the restaurant in the main building from „Schwabentor“ (green arrows)

Drive through the „Schwabentor“ and follow the small green signs with “Oberkirch“ written on them, from here drive into the pedestrian zone (permissible as our guest) and when the street splits after a few meters, take the right one (“Herrenstraße“ – still following the green “Oberkirch“-signs.

Take the second street to the left towards the cathedral, stay left of the cathedral.

Our main building is located on the left side next to the Historic Merchants Hall.

Coming from the black forest

· Follow the direction “Stadtmitte“ until you reach the “Schwabentor“ bridge. Then follow signs for the “Altstadt” (old town) (turning right)
Get into the left lane going straight ahead.

Parking in Schlossberggarage, recommended for 1 night (as of April 2019):

Rate for 24 hours (maximum):

At the hotel reception, please ask for a reduction ticket in order to receive the reduced hotel guest rate.

Address of Schlossberggarage:
Schlossbergring 14 
79098 Freiburg

Parking in Karlsbaugarage, recommended for more than 1 night (as of April 2019):

Rate for 1 day:

Rate for 2 days:

(corresponds to €13.5/day)

Rate for 3 days:

(corresponds to €11.67/day)

Rate for 4 days:

(corresponds to €10.5/day)

The kiosk is open Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Rates for more than 24 hours only apply if you enter the garage via the RIGHT lane (not the left one labelled KARSTADT) and if you pay for your entire stay at the kiosk BEFORE you leave the garage by car for the first time. You will receive a “congress ticket” enabling you to leave and enter the garage as often as you like during your entire stay.

Address of Karlsbaugarage:
Auf der Zinnen 1 
79098 Freiburg

Download directions:

Filename : directions.pdf (555 KB)